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Learn & Train

The way your HBT longwall system is maintained and operated has a significant effect on the value you receive from your investment. One of the ways we contribute to your equipment’s productivity is by providing training — both for those who take care of your Cat equipment and those who operate it. We offer a wide variety of training opportunities designed to meet individual mine-site needs — from in-house courses to on-site, instructor-led programs.

Training the Maintenance Team

HBT technicians are experts at maintenance and repair. However, we recognize that some of our customers prefer to perform a portion or all of their own equipment maintenance. Even if you partner with us for these services, you will still need basic skills and knowledge to ensure you’re properly managing equipment on a day-to-day basis.

HBT offers technician training programs based on the individual needs of your longwall operations — from routine service to advanced troubleshooting. We also work alongside you to educate you on processes and programs like Fluid Analysis, Condition Monitoring and Component Life Management — critical tools that use a proactive approach to maintaining and repairing your equipment.

Elevating Longwall Operator Proficiency

Operator skill is a key contributor to longwall mining productivity. Our operator training programs help you elevate operators to higher levels of proficiency and realize the full potential of your longwall equipment investment. Operators who are well-trained take better care of their equipment, which reduces downtime and heightens their safety awareness. Training includes instructor-led classroom sessions and underground sessions.

HBT recently began providing Virtual Reality (VR) simulations for training. This method provides a safe way for new operators to gain understanding of a longwall system and to learn proper operating procedures before training underground. It also provides an opportunity for experienced operators to improve their skills and increase productivity.

The benefits of the VR simulation training are significant. Operators can undergo training without any risks to themselves, equipment, instructors, co-workers or property. It enables them to practice detailed emergency scenarios repeatedly, an experience that is impossible to replicate underground. Training is flexible and data shows that simulator-trained operators require less time to attain competency.

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One of the ways we contribute to your equipment’s productivity is by providing training…

Service Request

Your local HBT service center and an expansive external network of service partners can provide fast, professional service for planned equipment maintenance, unexpected repairs, and fast parts delivery.