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HBT Shearers

Coal panels and face lengths are increasing – the average seam height is not. Maximizing productivity levels as the seam height diminishes requires a robust and compact cutting machine design with optimal coal-loading performance –
backed by advanced automation capabilities for visualization and control.

Innovative Downdrive Design
for Greater Versatility

The innovative downdrive design of HBT shearers results in extended bearing life, increased gear rating and greater modularity for simplified maintenance.

Height adjustment of the shearer is relatively easy and is achieved with replacement of the downdrive (and skid shoe post) to allow adaption to changing seam conditions.

All shearer model mainframes are designed to fit the full range of downdrive arrangements suited to specific extraction ranges in various seam thicknesses.

Direct downdrive design:

The direct downdrive is designed to maximize tunnel clearance when the shearer is operating on a narrow AFC profile. Due to the geometrical design requirements, the direct drive profile does not allow the fitting of the trapping shoes with replaceable inserts.

  • Easily accessed drive shaft
  • Unique top gear assembly access and exchange
  • Dedicated bearing grease paths accessible from walkway side
  • Rugged attachment to machine body using Superbolts

Indirect downdrive design:

The indirect downdrive has the sprocket driven by a gear arrangement which promotes improved sprocket life. Indirect downdrives are also designed to accept insert trapping shoe technology. The inserts are the wear component and weigh less than 45kg each, rather than replacing the complete trapping shoe.

  • Full modular design
  • Simplified design for maintenance access
  • Fully articulating shoe with wearing inserts
  • Grease galleries with telltales to lubricate all bearings
  • Grease point access from the walkway side
  • Rugged attachment to machine body using Superbolts

HBT Shearer Automation

HBT longwall shearers operate more predictably, more consistently and with greater component life and availability when supported by the latest HBT longwall automation tools.

Tested for Reliability
Ensuring Maximum Return of Investment!

Downtime is inconvenient and has the potential to become an enormous expensive for operators. With an understanding of customer expectations each shearer design is subjected to rigorous in-house testing to maximize availability and reduce the required service time.

Lubrication Verification

Ranging arms and haulage units are subjected to an intense test regime to establish the optimum oil-level requirements to suit all mining conditions.

Endurance Block Load Testing

This test applies loads far in excess of those encountered during normal mining operations, ensuring that the shearer can operate reliably at the installed power ratings. The endurance block load test imposes loads from 100 to 175% to ensure that the ranging arm design meets the requirements of the most demanding applications.

Production Load Testing

This test for ranging arms and haulage units gradually increases the load up to full load. All temperatures and vibration points are monitored during the test, and oil samples are again collected for analysis.


The HBT PMC-S control system delivers efficient control of the shearer. The modular design allows individual configuration – from basic monitoring and protection to advanced automation and data transmission.


High-powered ranging arms and haulage units ensure worldclass production in the toughest mining conditions.


The mainframe not only offers maximum protection of major units – its fully modular construction means versatility in application as well as the option for targeted overhauls to manage your total costs of ownership (TCO).

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Product Models

Longwall Shearer


The HBT EL1000 features a robust, modular design, designed for top productivity, enhanced safety and the best reliability in the industry….
Longwall Shearer


The EL2000 incorporates all the features and benefits that have been established with the HBT shearer range in a compact, rugged machine designed to meet the demands of high productivity in low- to medium-seam applications. …
Longwall Shearer


The EL3000 shearer has been developed for medium to high seams to meet the requirements of the most demanding longwall installations in the world. …


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