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Hauhinco Mining Technology

HBT’s ancestry is ingrained in the longwall mining industry, with roots going back to the very beginning of mechanized longwall mining in the 1800s. Over the last 200 years, we’ve driven innovation and performance as we were shaped by a number of industry leaders — most notably Hauhinco, DBT and Caterpillar.

Three Leaders. One Vision.

Hauhinco was founded in 1908 in Sprockhövel, Germany, in the cradle of the Ruhr mining area. For over 100 years, the company has adapted to new conditions while remaining true to its roots, and this experience makes us unique in the marketplace.

DBT was renowned as a technology leader, with over two centuries of experience driving mechanization and automation in the coal industry. Their innovations were critical to the development of the modern longwall mine — including the armored face conveyor and the coal plow. The DBT engineers also focused on technological developments to pioneer autonomous mining.

Hauhinco Mining Technology

Caterpillar also has a long history in engineering and the mining industry, with impressive industrial manufacturing capability, leading-edge technology, and refined demand stream processes. By seamlessly integrating these elements into our business, we have positioned ourselves to move into the future as a full-service, powerhouse equipment supplier.

Combined Strength

We’re drawing on the strengths and advantages of all these companies as me move into the future, with a focus on driving value and helping our customers achieve their goals. We are adopting a direct service model, further enhancing our distribution capabilities, customer service and aftermarket support — all so we can deliver the best possible results for our customers.

Longwall Mining Solutions

HBT (Hauhinco Mining Technology) is a world class machine manufacturer and fully integrated single solution provider – specializing in systems and equipment for underground coal mining. The company exports its high-performance longwall mining equipment to all major mining markets worldwide.

We offer our customers the right system for their applications — from low seams to high seams, no matter how long the face or how high the production demand. We understand the challenges faced by longwall mines today, and we’ve developed our equipment to stand up to those demands.

Power Distribution Center
HBT transformers convert electrical voltage for feeding into low-voltage switchgear.
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Compact Stations
HBT compact stations (switchgears) provide power distribution, real-time monitoring, and control of mobile and stationary machinery
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Frequency Converters
HBT frequency converters are designed for powering multi-motor drives with torque balancing for belts, scraper conveyors, crushers, and fans.
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Mining Motors
HBT electric motors are designed for use in any type of drive system.
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Automation Systems
Microprocessor Control Systems and Automation Components
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HBT is focused on solutions for demanding electrical engineering challenges in the raw materials and heavy industries (mining, tunneling, raw materials industry, oil and gas production).

Whether it is the on-board supply of a mobile machine or the feed-in of permanently installed equipment, whether it is in a tunnel or in a mine, or whether it is in hazardous areas such as gas fields or on offshore installations, HBT is experienced to support you in your challenges – with advanced power distribution and automation systems.

Our history goes back almost 200 years

HBT mining technology for underground coal extraction can look back on a long – almost 200-year history. Even though hard coal mining has come to an end in Germany, German technological know-how in the field of mining remains an unmistakable trademark.

Today, HBT can draw on a vast and long-standing wealth of experience gained from mastering even the most difficult geological conditions – as is partly the case in German mining.

Tested Quality

All research, development, design, and manufacturing are done in-house at the core HBT facilities. This ensures that all equipment meets the highest standards and international regulatory requirements. In addition to machine manufacturing, HBT produces high-quality parts and provides world-class support services for all their equipment.

Aftermarket Services

Dedicated Support for Enhanced Productivity

at HBT

Shape the mining technology of tomorrow with us today.

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