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Programmable Mining Controls
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Excellent automation is the basis for the success of a longwall – the quality and reliability of the automation system are key factors in the success of the operation. HBT is the only manufacturer that can provide a complete modular family of powerful controllers that integrate fully with HBT longwall equipment. This means one-stop shopping, no interfacing problems and products customized to your needs.

Full Range, Full Integration

The HBT PMC family is the latest generation of controllers designed to meet the control needs of a whole range of applications in underground longwall mining and explosion-hazard areas. State-of the-art micro controller technology and increased computing power allow a completely new dimension of automation, offering all the functionality you need for enhanced control of drives, roof supports, cutting systems and ancillary equipment. It also offers features for advanced networking, visualization, and automation.

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Advanced Functionality

The basic PMC system offers extensive functionality, including:

Product overview

Programmable Mining Control


The master control unit MCU2 features an intrinsically safe and explosion-proof underground PC (ExPC) with a robust IPC architecture and external keyboard and mouse for reliable operation in hazardous areas….
Programmable Mining Control


In combination with HBT Controlled Start Transmission (CST) drives, the PMC-D controller offers control of AFC drives with unparalleled integration of overall system control….
Programmable Mining Control

PMC-R 2.0

The HBT PMC-R 2.0 system represents the next-generation, state-of-the-art HBT automated control unit for longwall roof support applications….
Programmable Mining Control


The PMC-V display shows all data available from the gearboxes….


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