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We support your efforts to meet all your production goals.

HBT is your expert partner in the longwall mining industry with a deep understanding of the issues you face. We offer complete longwall mining systems and advanced automation solutions supported by a global network of HBT professionals, with the knowledge and expertise you need to efficiently manage your longwall equipment and improve productivity.

Dedicated Support for Enhanced Productivity

HBT provides high-quality, long-lasting machines that run efficiently and offer high availability. But it’s the support that we provide after the machines go to work that demonstrates the full value of HBT longwall mining equipment.

Supporting products is the primary role of the HBT aftermarket service network, backed by the tools, processes and expertise of HBT service experts.

This one-of-a-kind, on-the-ground support delivers expert service, integrated solutions, after-sales support, fast and efficient parts fulfillment, remanufacturing capabilities and more. Our service experts partner with customers to help them improve their longwall operations, maximize machine productivity and minimize costs.

Our aftermarket services include:


Local Support Around the World

The HBT product line for longwall mining is unmatched in the industry. One of our biggest differentiators is the way our products are distributed and fully supported. When it comes to service and support, the global HBT service network sets the industry standard.

From parts availability, expert service diagnosis and planned maintenance to web-enabled Condition Monitoring, HBT aftermarket teams work alongside customers to improve machine uptime and lower cost per ton. HBT service centers are on the ground in every mining market in the world — each one fully embedded in and committed to the geographic area it serves. That means you work with people you know, who know your business and respond on your schedule.

Increase Machine Uptime

Machine availability is vital to meeting longwall mining production targets. HBT service technicians help deliver that critical uptime by providing expert maintenance and repair services, or technical assistance and training for sites that choose to do their own.

Speedy Repairs through Fast Parts Fulfillment

HBT customers can order from more than 20,000 items in our online parts books. Most HBT warehouses maintain extensive parts inventories and use forecasting systems to make sure they have or can quickly obtain the parts their customers need.

HBT leverages information gained from machine health systems and preventive maintenance programs to predict maintenance and repair needs and anticipate the parts and components that will be required. Whether you want a new, used, exchange or remanufactured part, HBT can quickly locate it, communicate the timeline and deliver it in a timely matter.

Speedy Repairs through Fast Parts Fulfillment

Genuine Parts Designed to Last

Genuine HBT parts are engineered to be the best fit for HBT longwall components. They’re designed to work and wear as a complete system, and their quality and design extend system life. They’re manufactured in our own facilities and under the highest controls and standards.

Extended Component Life

Component management is a critical tool in reducing total machine operating costs. It has a direct impact on increasing component life, which in turn delivers higher machine availability. We offer several tools to help our service teams and customers understand historical and current component life, and how to extend it by utilizing the value built into the component.

This component tracking delivers a number of significant benefits: It can monitor life-cycle performance, identify positive or negative trends, maximize parts reusability and extend planned component replacement intervals.

Genuine Parts Designed to Last

Repair Before Failure with Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring helps you get maximum uptime out of your machines. This proactive program uses machine and site data to help you identify potential problems or conditions early on — before they lead to machine shutdowns.

Condition Monitoring is used to reduce or avoid equipment failures — promoting a repair-before-failure approach to equipment management. Condition Monitoring is predictive. It tells the maintenance team that something is going to break — and helps the team recommend how to prevent it, how to fix it before it gets worse and how to schedule the repair to avoid more downtime.

Condition Monitoring for longwall mining systems and components involves studying the state of machine systems and components, as well as site conditions that could impact equipment health and longevity as a whole. Information sources include: Electronic Machine Data, Fluid Analysis, Equipment Inspections, Repair History and Site Condition/Applications.

  • Reduce the number of failures and unscheduled downtime repair events
  • Decrease overall operation and maintenance costs
  • Promote efficient use of labor resources
  • Improve equipment reliability/availability
  • Increase production and reduce cost per ton

The HBT Vsoftware suite of programs enables the Condition Monitoring process by combining equipment and application information with analytics and interpretive expertise to help customers make informed maintenance, repair or component replacement decisions. Using sophisticated analytics and knowledge management, the tool analyzes data, provides reports, recommends actions that should be taken as a result of the analysis and then tracks those actions.

Repair Before Failure with Condition Monitoring

Upgrade Existing Equipment

From the moment we develop a longwall mining system component, integrate a technology, manufacture a machine or put it to work, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve.

Product innovation is key to our continuous improvement efforts. It begins at our technical research center, where we use high-tech modeling tools and proven processes to develop quality designs that meet our customers’ requirements. We concept products and test them in virtual reality simulations, then we build components and prototypes and test them in-house and underground.

Longer Life Cycles with Machine Retrofits

When an HBT product is assembled, it includes the latest features, technologies and enhancements. As we introduce new and improved products, we ensure that our existing machines can also benefit from these innovations. Working closely with our product development teams, we evaluate innovations and make selected features available for existing products. Retrofitting equipment allows customers to extend the life cycle of older models by adding updated technologies and features released on newer equipment models. Many of these features are enhancements that help improve machine safety and reduce lost-time accidents. Others enhance performance, ergonomics, owning and operating costs and serviceability. Retrofits and upgrades can increase resale value, improve operator satisfaction and extend the product life cycle.

Enhanced Product Performance

Our focus on continuous improvement doesn’t end when a new machine begins production in an underground mine. HBT starts looking for ways to make that product work more efficiently, safely and productively. From addressing performance issues to training operators and technicians, our support is ongoing and continually improving.

If a piece of equipment isn’t performing the way it should, we follow a defined process to address and resolve problems. Our research focuses on the identification, evaluation, documentation, prioritization and resolution of product issues that impact your productivity. Our first goal is to make short-term modifications and repairs that bring that equipment back to production until a permanent, long-term solution is identified. Our parts delivery system ensures that parts are ready and available to implement the identified changes.

Upgrade Existing Equipment

Share Expertise

Machine productivity is about more than just maintenance; it’s also about knowledge. We share what we know, helping you understand your machine ownership and operating costs, so you can make informed decisions about maintaining, operating, rebuilding and replacing equipment. We use technologies to help longwall mines lower costs, improve efficiency and increase productivity. And we partner with you to develop and implement projects designed to improve safety, operations, maintenance, and supply and inventory efficiencies.

Sharing Best Practices

One of our goals is to ensure that our customers experience the same high levels of excellence in equipment management, wherever they are in the world. The HBT best practice program gathers and shares proven methods for improving business processes and performance, enabling both equipment management and production optimization.

Continuously Improving

Continuous Improvement initiatives can be used to enhance safety, improve production, lower operating costs, create more efficient logistics and underground operations, and reduce maintenance costs.

The HBT initiatives are based on a team approach, uniting both HBT and customers in a cohesive endeavor to uncover operational inefficiencies, identify and implement solutions and measure the value of the efficiencies gained.

Manage Equipment Life Cycle

Manage Equipment Life Cycle

Our commitment to you and your HBT longwall mining system extends far beyond the initial stage of production. We’re partners through the entire machine life cycle — from delivery through the day-to-day operation and maintenance, to major repairs and rebuilds. Every decision made during this cycle will have an impact on the cost per ton you achieve.

We offer a number of processes, tools, technologies and knowledge-sharing that help you better manage your equipment. These activities combine with your own processes, programs, resources and strategies to help lower total owning and operating costs and improve production.

Rebuilding and Remanufacturing

HBT longwall mining equipment is designed to be rebuilt several times over the life of the equipment. HBT helps customers achieve optimum component life and reliability through proven rebuild practices. HBT facilities are equipped to rebuild and test all major components in-house  offering the lowest cost, quick turnaround, better quality through standardization and the latest updates for HBT equipment.

Another option is to remanufacture parts and components, which provides same-as-new performance and reliability at a fraction of the cost of new — while reducing impact on the environment.


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