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Aftermarket Services
Maintenance & Repair
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Maintenance and Repair

HBT maintenance and repair contracts allow customers to outsource the maintenance of their equipment and enable them to focus on their core competency — longwall mining. These contracts are individualized plans customized to each longwall mining operation’s needs. Some include arrangements in which HBT technicians perform all maintenance and repair on the customer site. Others are arrangements where customers and HBT share these activities.

An HBT maintenance and repair contract makes it possible for you to better forecast and budget for equipment maintenance; outsource the planning, scheduling and labor of maintenance; and guarantee the cost per hour of your equipment. Customers will get improved machine performance, increased availability and reliability — resulting in an overall reduction in maintenance costs.

Machine Rebuilds

Unlike most competitive models that typically require replacement, HBT equipment can be rebuilt to deliver multiple lives — significantly reducing owning and operating costs while ensuring optimum machine uptime.

HBT machines are rebuilt to like-new specifications using only genuine HBT parts. Critical engineering updates are incorporated into the machines, and oftentimes they perform even better after the rebuild than they did when they were new. Customers get a like-new machine with a like-new warranty and a new serial number at a fraction of the cost of a comparable new machine. The program starts with a complete machine inspection. Then the machine is completely disassembled and rebuilt from the ground up to include all HBT product updates. HBT rebuilds also represent a sustainable solution, with most re-using up to 90 percent of the original machine.


Local Support Around the World

The HBT product line for longwall mining is unmatched in the industry. One of our biggest differentiators is the way our products are distributed and fully supported. When it comes to service and support, the global HBT service network sets the industry standard.

From parts availability, expert service diagnosis and planned maintenance to web-enabled Condition Monitoring, HBT aftermarket teams work alongside customers to improve machine uptime and lower cost per ton. HBT service centers are on the ground in every mining market in the world — each one fully embedded in and committed to the geographic area it serves. That means you work with people you know, who know your business and respond on your schedule.

Optimize Operation

At HBT, supporting products goes way beyond taking care of the machines we manufacture. Our goal is to help you get the most from your products — and the conditions in which you use them have a significant impact on the value you receive. We work alongside you through the entire production cycle to help you find ways to optimize your operation. We’ll evaluate your underground operation and assist you in selecting the right equipment, then work to ensure the conditions are ideal for operating and maintaining your equipment at its full potential.


Integrate Technology

In the past decade, the mining industry has witnessed a revolution in technologies and automation. These innovations not only enhance the way high-performance longwall mines operate today, but also serve as the cornerstone for future underground coal extraction.

HBT is constantly developing and refining advanced automation technologies to help make equipment more productive and efficient, and to help you more effectively manage longwall systems and operations.

We partner with you to choose the degree of longwall automation that is right for your operation, and then use our knowledge and expertise to help you gain the full benefit of what these technologies make possible.

Defining the Next Generation of Longwall Mining

Miners are always looking for ways to enhance mine site safety, reduce costs, improve profitability and boost efficiency. HBT longwall automation helps you do just that, providing the most comprehensive suite of technology products in the industry. It consists of several solution sets that help you manage everything from material tracking to machine health and autonomous operation.


Leveraging the Value of Technologies

Installing technologies on your longwall system is only the beginning. It’s how well you use them, and what you do with the information they provide, that leverages the true value of technologies. In addition to providing installation, training and troubleshooting support for the longwall automation technologies you implement, we’ll also help you take information gleaned and use it to reduce your total cost of ownership.

The HBT Vsoftware, for example, delivers critical event-based machine condition and performance data for your entire longwall system. It includes comprehensive equipment health and component monitoring capabilities, with a wide range of diagnostic and analytic reporting tools.

We’ll work with you to make the most of this valuable information — helping you increase efficiency, lower maintenance costs and reduce overall operating costs.


We recognize the importance of getting longwall mining equipment installation done right and...

Maintenance and Repairs

HBT maintenance and repair contracts allow customers to outsource the maintenance of their equipment...


One of the ways we contribute to your equipment’s productivity is by providing training…

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Your local HBT service center and an expansive external network of service partners can provide fast, professional service for planned equipment maintenance, unexpected repairs, and fast parts delivery.