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Multimatik Neighboring Control
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Manual Control of Roof Supports

Neighbor control MULTIMATIK

HBT has developed a simple multimatic control system for manually controlling the hydraulic cylinders of shield supports.

The HBT MULTIMATIK neighbor control was specially developed for use in longwall mining. Two functions can be controlled separately for each valve, e.g. extension and retraction of double-acting water-hydraulic cylinders and rams. The control unit can be used to execute 8-20 hydraulic functions, whereby special customer requirements can also be taken into account in special designs.

The MULTIMATIK neighboring control system consists of three main groups

Pilot Control

Control block, equipped with manual 4/3-way valves (DN4).

Multi Hose

Multiple hose line for transferring the hydraulic fluid to the main control block.

Main Control

Control block equipped with 4/3-way valves (DN10 / DN12) to the end user.

Pilot control and main control can be installed as a unit or separately.


The pressure supply, as well as the connection of the return flow of the main control blocks is made via a so-called P+R connection. This P+R connection is the same for main control blocks, whether pilot or pilot-direct, 8 – 12 – 16 – or 20 functions, and is flanged to the corresponding block. In the P+R connection there is a check valve in the R connection and a coarse dirt filter in the P connection. A valve is also installed to prevent the return pressure from exceeding the supply pressure.

Main Features

Product overview


Main Control

The MULTIMATIK main control unit for the neighboring control unit is equipped with 4/3-way valves (DN10 / DN12)….

Multi Hose

The multi-hose is a multiple hydraulic hose. Several (8-20) individual hose lines are combined in a bundle….

Pilot Control

The MULTIMATIK pilot control for the neighboring control is equipped with manual 4/3-way valves and is used to control the functions on the main block in the neighboring shield….


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