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Frequency Converters
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Frequency Converters

HBT frequency converters are designed for powering multi-motor drives with torque balancing for belts, scraper conveyors, crushers, and fans.

Speed-controllable and variable-speed drives with the HBT control concept ensure a safer operation, the compensation of slip with special regulations of conveyor systems and the interconnection with standard mining engines.


  • Optimized startup (constant and high torque from startup)
  • Low dynamic loads
  • Controllable torque and speed of conveyor belts for improved operational safety
  • Low startup current and low voltage drop
  • Reliable startup even in unreliable power grids
  • Energy conservation through conveyor speed coordination with the amount of load
  • Low load on the mains-supply during motor startup
  • Load balancing in multi-motor drives

Type VSD for 2Q and 4Q mode:
 90 kW, 315 kW, 630 kW

Output power:
up to 630 kW; Voltage: 380V, 660V, 1140V

Water to water or water to air heat-exchange


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