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Longwall Mining Technology
Longwall Mining Solutions
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HBT Longwall Mining Systems

Whatever your geological conditions, seam height or production goals, there’s an HBT longwall solution for you.

Adapted to the mining challenges faced by our customers today, HBT customized equipment solutions for longwall mining include high-horsepower shearers; automated plow systems; armored face conveyors (AFC); beam stage loaders (BSL); drive systems, including gearboxes, motors, and drive connections; hydraulic roof support legs and cylinders; programmable controls; high-pressure pump stations and hydraulic valves. HBT longwall systems and components are controlled and supported by intelligent solutions for longwall automation.

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Better Longwall Mining

We deliver your equipment of choice — from low to high seam heights, for the longest longwalls and highest production demands. The quality and reliability of the automation system are key to the success of a longwall mining operation. HBT is the only manufacturer able to provide a complete modular family of powerful controllers that integrate fully with HBT longwall equipment.

The HBT PMC family of Programmable Mining Controls offers one-stop shopping for all the controls, sensors and components a successful longwall system needs. There are no interfacing problems and products are customized to meet your needs.

Roof Supports

Steep grades, very thick and very thin seams, unstable roofs and massive sandstone plates, soft ground and geological faults. These varying conditions require a high level of adaptation to specific requirements.


Maximizing productivity levels as the seam height diminishes requires a robust and compact cutting machine design with optimal coal-loading performance.

Plow Systems

HBT has been designing and building longwall plow systems since 1941 — and things have come a long way. Technical developments since 1990 have once again established plowing as the preferred longwall mining method for low and medium coal seams.

Armored Face Conveyors

HBT Armored Face Conveyors (AFCs) are designed to provide the user with maximum carrying capacity together with maximum face length or panel width

Beam Stage Loaders

HBT stage loader and crusher are completely matched to the face conveyor, both with higher capacity to prevent bottlenecks.

CST Drive Systems

The HBT CST drive is a planetary gearbox with an integrated infinitely variable multi-disc CST clutch.

Variable Frequency Drives

The HBT variable frequency drive for face conveyor systems will supply exactly the power needed at your AFC or plow application.

Programmable Mining Controls

HBT is the only manufacturer that can provide a complete modular family of powerful controllers that integrate fully with HBT longwall equipment.

High-Pressure Pump Systems

Hauhinco triplex and quintuplex high pressure plunger pumps are energy-efficient, robust units designed for continuous operation.

Neighbor control MULTIMATIK

HBT has developed a simple multimatic control system for manually controlling the hydraulic cylinders of shield supports.

Our history goes back almost 200 years

HBT mining technology for underground coal extraction can look back on a long – almost 200-year history. Even though hard coal mining has come to an end in Germany, German technological know-how in the field of mining remains an unmistakable trademark.

Today, HBT can draw on a vast and long-standing wealth of experience gained from mastering even the most difficult geological conditions – as is partly the case in German mining.

Tested Quality

All research, development, design, and manufacturing are done in-house at the core HBT facilities. This ensures that all equipment meets the highest standards and international regulatory requirements. In addition to machine manufacturing, HBT produces high-quality parts and provides world-class support services for all their equipment.

Product overview

Armored Face Conveyor


For Production Capacities up to 1300 tonnes (1,433 tons)…
Armored Face Conveyor


For Production Capacities up to 3500 tonnes (3,858 tons)…
Armored Face Conveyor


For Production Capacities up to 5000 tonnes (5,512 tons)…
Armored Face Conveyor


Hybrid Line Pan. For Production Capacities up to 5000 tonnes (5,512 tons)…
Armored Face Conveyor


For Production Capacities up to 6200 tonnes (5,834 tons)…
Armored Face Conveyor


For Heavy-Duty Applications. For Production Capacities 5000 tonnes (5,512 tons)…