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Advantec Roadheaders
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Flexible, dependable, innovative – that’s what you can expect from our roadheader machines. Advantec’s Tunnel and Mining Solution is partnering with HBT to revolutionize product development. By synergizing their expertise, they’re crafting solutions that deliver unparalled value to our customers.

The mission at ADVANTEC is to forge ahead, and the roadheader machines represent the most advanced design to achieve your goals.

The TDR Series of Roadheaders

Under the TDR series name (tunnel-digging roadheaders), we offer you powerhouses that set the standard in the mining and tunnelling industry. Our roadheader machines are produced in our very own factories, allowing us to customize the sizes and designs for our customers and offer the right solution for virtually any requirements, efficiently and economically. When more depth is required, we are your partner.
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Because every mining and tunnelling application is different, ADVANTEC roadheaders are developed in various sizes and designs. Which one will you use to tackle your next big challenge?
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ADVANTEC Tunnel & Mining - Mining and tunnelling machinery

Key Features

Various Sizes
and Designs

  • 25 t up to 140 t weight
  • 60Kw to 400 kw cutting power


Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001

High degree
of flexibility

Custom-built to match every application

Economical to use
in hard rock

High quality bevel-helical gear unit and specially designed cutting heads


Fully automated, profile control and water mist spraying


TDR 20

Small, but perfectly formed! This is precisely the TDR 20's strength, because even the tightest working area remains accessible to us.

TDR 55

Our especially hardworking roadheader model. As well as its high power, the TDR 55's strength lies in its flexible potential applications, thanks to its numerous additional accessories.

TDR 100T

Maximum power, highest pressure resistance and high mobility do not go together with precision? We introduce: The TDR100T with extended cutting area and powerful anchor drilling and setting unit!

TDR 100

Maximum power, the highest compressive strengths and a high degree of mobility simply don't go together? Then you haven't encountered our TDR 100. We would be pleased to change that. Either here on this web page or in a direct conversation.

TDR 140

When a little more is needed:
The TDR 140.


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