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HBT announces new partnership with leading energy sector player TotalEnergies

Effective March 11, 2024, HBT Australia and leading energy sector solutions company TotalEnergies Marketing Australia (a subsidiary of TotalEnergies SE) agree on a new strong partnership. 

HBT will work with TotalEnergies Marketing Australia to provide resource companies with access to a single solution provider for all their onsite tunnelling, mining fluid, and lubricant requirements, including the Longwall HFA fluid. Through the collaboration, both companies will combine their expertise and expand their global reach, providing the resource sector with a turnkey solution for their extraction needs.

“We are pleased to be working with TotalEnergies Marketing Australia as this partnership further enhances our capability as a single-solution provider for our customers,” said James Yates, General Manager for Deal Capture at HBT. “

“This collaboration provides our clients with access to a total fluid and lubricant solution, including the Longwall HFA fluid, and predictive maintenance analytics and services, backed by us as the OEM, for all their HBT equipment. In addition to this, another benefit of working with the fourth largest manufacturer of fluids and lubricants provides HBT with the unique opportunity to access a broader range of TotalEnergies products that can be used by our customers in other equipment on the site, providing a true single-source solution for all onsite fluids and lubricants.”

“I firmly believe this partnership is also a two-way venture that both businesses will benefit from in the short, medium, and long term. It provides significant opportunities for the HBT technologies to be applied to the TotalEnergies fluid and lubricant delivery and monitoring systems which, in turn, provides a unique value proposition for new and existing customers from both sides.”

TotalEnergies Marketing Australia is an affiliate of French energy conglomerate TotalEnergies and is integrated in all sectors of the energy business within the Australian market. Its Lubricants Division focuses on key direct lubricant markets, including Mining, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Power Generation, and Special Fluids. It has access to the resources of the world’s fourth largest lubricant company TotalEnergies Lubricants, that develops, blends and distributes, including associated services, a wide range of high-performance lubricants for the mining, automotive, industry and marine sectors. 

Andrew Druwitt, Marketing Australia National Mining Manager at TotalEnergies said, “TotalEnergies Marketing Australia will deliver our range of cutting-edge, high-performance machine lubricant products to support HBT’s advanced suite of equipment, which plays a critical role in roadway development and underground operations for HBT’s customers.”

“This engagement with HBT will be a significant game-changer for both companies as we can provide a single solution for our combined suite of mining clients by solving their specific equipment and maintenance requirements – HBT will supply the machinery, while we will provide the fluids and lubricants needed to keep things running smoothly. It will allow us to combine our expertise when dealing with global mining clients and provide site and procurement managers for resource companies the opportunity to access the decades of experience both companies can bring to any engagement.” 

 About HBT 

World-class machinery manufacturer HBT is a fully integrated single solution provider for mining and tunnelling – specializing in high-performance longwall mining systems room and pillar and roadway development equipment, supported by advanced technologies and electrical engineering, backed by a global team of experts. The company has a legacy of designing and manufacturing mechanized mining equipment and has been at the forefront of innovation and technology for over two centuries, which has allowed HBT to deliver some of the safest and highest performing mining and tunnelling equipment in the world. The company has a presence in all the major mining markets globally and through the vertical and lateral integration of our various acquisitions, it is increasing its footprint in emerging markets with the key focus of delivering value-add customer-centric solutions.

About TotalEnergies Marketing Australia 

TotalEnergies has been present in Australia for more than 50 years, with an ambition to be a world-class player in the energy transition. It is fully integrated in all sectors of the energy business. From 2022, its businesses include Exploration & Production (E&P), SunPower, Total Eren, SAFT and Marketing and services (M&S). TotalEnergies Marketing Australia (M&S Lubricants Division) focuses on key direct lubricant markets including Mining, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Power Generation and Special Fluids. TotalEnergies E&P is currently a partner in two major Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects; Ichthys LNG and Gladstone LNG. Total Eren developed a highly innovative utility-scale solar farm, leading the Australian renewable energy market as it transitions to a low-carbon, high renewables economy.

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