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Longwall Shearer

Longwall Shearer



The HBT EL1000 features a robust, modular design, designed for top productivity, enhanced safety and the best reliability in the industry. Using high cutting and haulage power, this compact powerhouse makes maximum impact in low and medium coal seams. Equipped with a state-of-the-art automation, it delivers efficient cycle times and cutting consistency with face alignment and horizon control.

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Top Specs

Seam Range
1.6-3.9 m; 63-156 in

Haulage Power
2 × 100 kW @ 50 Hz; 2 × 134 hp @ 60 Hz

Cutting Power
2 × 500 kW @ 50 Hz; 2 × 805 hp @ 60 Hz

Advanced Automation

The HBT PMC-S control system delivers efficient control of the shearer. The modular design allows individual configuration – from basic monitoring and protection to advanced automation and data transmission.

Maximum Power

High-powered ranging arms and haulage units ensure world-class production in the toughest mining conditions.

Modularity is Key

The mainframe not only offers maximum protection of major units – but its fully modular construction also means versatility in application as well as independent replacement of units.

Specifications / Technical Data


Machine @ 50Hz

Machine @ 60Hz

Seam Range1.6-3.9 m63-156 in
Typical Machine Length (drum centers)13 780 mm45.25 ft
Installed Power1230 kW1,924 hp
Available Cutting Power2 × 500 kW2 × 805 hp
Cutting Drum Diameter1500-2000 mm61 to 79 in
Cutting Drum Speed33.5, 38.8 and 43.8 rpm40.2, 46.6 and 52.5 rpm
Haulage ControlAC inverter driveAC inverter drive
Haulage Power2 × 100 kW2 × 134 hp
Haulage Speed (maximum)Up to 29.5 m/minUp to 97 ft/min
Haulage Pull (maximum)Up to 622.3 kNUp to 70 tons
Pump Motor30 kW48 hp
Body Height550 mm21.6 in
Machine Weight (approximate)60 tonnes66 tons
Operating Voltage3,300V4,160V
Minimum Pan Width832 mm32.7 in


  • High-speed gears and idlers rated for 560 kW at 50 Hz (900 hp at 60 Hz), hub rated for 750 kW at 50 Hz (1,200 hp at 60 Hz)
  • Separate oil compartments for high speed and planetary section (optimal cooling and lubrication)
  • Reconfigurable gear cassettes for adaptation of drum speeds
  • Integral monitoring transducers
  • Quillshaft transmission protection
  • High performance mechanical sealing – designed for maximum durability
  • Robust cowl drive mechanism (optional)
  • Vibration monitoring (optional)

  • Fully removable, modular gearbox
  • Closed loop control for accurate load-sharing and increased service life of rackbar and sprocket
  • Transmission reduction of 132.6:1
  • Absolute encoder for accurate machine position detection (no reset devices at gate ends needed)
  • Fast oil drain functionality
  • Haulage unit accepts hydraulic motor for installation and face recovery
  • Oil temperature monitoring
  • Quill shaft transmission protection
  • Machine parking brake (optional)
  • Vibration monitoring (optional)

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