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Programmable Mining Control
PMC-R 2.0

Programmable Mining Control

PMC-R 2.0

The HBT PMC-R 2.0 system represents the next-generation, state-of-the-art HBT automated control unit for longwall roof support applications. Based on the successful predecessor PMC-R, it combines the best features of that system with additional features required by longwall operations. The result is an innovative electrohydraulic shield control contributing to full automation of the advancing longwall.


The intrinsically safe PMC-R 2.0 control units are specifically designed to be used on shearer or plow faces to provide high levels of longwall automation.

Each roof support is equipped with one PMC-R 2.0 control unit and solenoid driver to operate the in-shield hydraulic functions and peripheral components, such as sensors for cylinder pressure and stroke length, shield inclination and personnel proximity detection.

The PMC-R 2.0 unit controls and displays all functions of a roof support and serves as the interface between operator and machine (HMI).

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Top Specs

Enhanced Communication

More Computing Power

Increased Usability and Serviceability


This interactive system allows users to execute single shield and automatic functions, as well as perform remote control operations from anywhere in the mine, including the surface. To provide feedback for the operator on the longwall, important process values are continuously displayed on a full-color display.

High-Speed Data Transmission

The PMC-R 2.0 control unit delivers fast 100M/Bit Ethernet communication, enabling real-time system feedback and data refresh rates for remote control operation.
The low latency connection also means process data values are updated much faster for higher resolution when data logging and reviewing historical trending. An enhanced user experience is provided when viewing 3D VSoftware applications as the data is refreshed at a higher frequency, resulting in a smoother and more accurate representation of the equipment underground.

Advanced Functionalities

The high bandwidth connection enhances machine-to-machine integration, which provides for advanced automation functionality. More complex messages can be exchanged between the equipment, creating holistic integration and interoperability for increased performance and reliability.

Specifications / Technical Data

CPU/Processor Data

CPUA6 family
Clock FrequencyUp to 260 MHz
Cores3 core
Memory8 MB internal FLASH ROM
32 MB external FLASH ROM

Electrical Data

ParameterTypical ValueMaximum Ratings
Supply Voltage12V DC9V–13.2V
Power Supply CurrentNot applicable8.1 A (MSHA); 2.5 A (RoW)
Power Consumption70mA/@12V230mA/@12V

Environmental Data

ParameterTypical ValueMaximum Ratings
Operating Temperature (Tamb)20° C (68° F)–20° C – +40° C (–4° F – +104° F)
Power Supply Current (T.)20° C (68° F)–20° C – +60° C (–4° F – +140° F)


TypeAmountMaximum Ratings
SKK 24 mini (X1-X6)68 A
SKK 24 mini (Y1-Y6)68 A

Optical Devices

TypeAmountMaximum Ratings
LCD Display (Shield information)166 mm (2.6 in) – 320 x 240 pixel – color 64 K in use
Infra-Red LED (Shearer position detection)1IRDA Standard receiver
LED indication 1 (Status HMI)3On/Off/Blinking – 1 × red, 2 × green
LED indication 2 (Wireless Status*)2On/Off/Blinking – 1 × green, 1 × yellow
LED indication 3 (Big Jumbo LED)3On/Off/Blinking – 1 × red, 1 × green, 1 × yellow
LED indication 4 (Key Status)31On/Off/Blinking – green

Acoustic Devices

TypeAmountMaximum Ratings
Beeper1>= 90 dB


Enhanced Computing Power

  • A6 family controller for enhanced communications and safety
  • Advanced Processor with 260 MHz clock speed (9.5 × higher than predecessor)
  • 8 MB internal Flash memory and 32 MB external Flash memory

Expanded Communications Capabilities

  • High speed Ethernet backbone for enhanced remote functionalities with direct data response, for future-proofed automated face operations
  • 100 Mbit/s Ethernet communication between each shield and the mine network
  • Faster diagnosis through high-speed communication between PMC-R 2.0 controls and diagnostic applications
  • Integrated wireless technology for enhanced connectivity options
  • Integrated infrared receiver
  • CAN interface for enhanced system expansion

Operator Convenience And Serviceability

  • Improved graphical 66 mm (2.6 in) LCD display with 65 K color and 320 × 240 pixel
  • Display area enlarged by 160% (50% more information at a glance) compared to predecessor
  • Improved display concept: intuitive interaction, enhanced help functions and full text readout
  • Multiple hotkeys for direct menu and diagnostic access with operator feedback (sound, pressure point and activation LED)
  • Multi-language support
  • Easy, cost-effective in-service component repair for reduced cost of ownership
  • 50% reduction in weight compared to model PMC-R

Robust Design

  • Robust and highly resistant metal housing with chrome plating
  • IP65/68 rating
  • Compatible with existing PMC-R style brass bar for ease of upgrade

Enhanced Safety

  • SIL 2 certified
  • Separate emergency and local lock-out switch

Future-Proofed Concept

  • Design concept with CAN extension devices and Ethernet ports allows update of additional functionalities and features without a controller hardware upgrade, simply plug and play the new devices

Peripheral Equipment

  • New isolation coupler with/without power supply connection
  • CAN based code plug
  • Solenoid driver board – with multiple connections for enhanced roof support automation
  • Solenoid driver, reed rod and pressure sensor can be used from previous PMC-R version
  • Personal Proximity Detection (PPD) system
  • Infrared transmitter and sensors for shearer position tracking
  • LED warning light
  • Ethernet media convertor for diverse data communication with mine-wide fiber and copper networks
  • Shield height measurement system

Global Certification

  • Europe: ATEX
  • United States: MSHA
  • Russia: GOST
  • Australia: IECEx, ANZEx
  • China: MA
  • Additional certifications on project demand

Additional Information

*Radio approval pending.

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