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Variable Frequency Drives

Variable Frequency Drives


The HBT variable frequency drive VFDA800/W800 provides efficiency and maximized profitability for the motor control of armored face conveyors in underground longwall applications. The variable frequency drive consists of an air-cooled VFD unit, a liquid cooled VFD unit, and an external cooling station.

Top Specs

Rated Power
800 kW / 1,072 hp

Motor Nominal Speed
1,500 RPM

Max. Operational Torque
210% of Nominal Torque

The HBT medium voltage drive delivers enhanced motor control and increased energy efficiency on motor applications with a rated power of up to 800 kW (1,072 hp). It enables soft starting and variable speedĀ control of processes with high power demands, to reduce energy costs, maintenance, and motor wear. The HBT variable frequency drive delivers virtually perfect current and voltage waveforms to allow the use of standard or existing AC motors and motor cables.

Specifications / Technical Data

Rated Power800 kW / 1,072 hp
Primary Voltage3.3 kV
Type of ConverterCurrent Source Inverter (CSI)
Motor TypeAC Motor
Motor Nominal Speed1,500 RPM
Max. Operational Torque210% of Nominal Torque
3700 mm (146 in)
1245 mm (49 in)
1300 mm (51 in)
Weight6700 kg / 14,771 lb (air cooled)
7800 kg / 17,196 lb (liquid cooled)

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