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Australian mining supplier Pempek Systems becomes a new member of the international HBT family

With effect from March 1, 2024, Hauhinco Holding GmbH – parent company of HBT GmbH – has acquired the Australian mining supplier Pempek Systems Pty Ltd. 

Pempek Systems is an Australian mining components supplier based in Castle Hill near Sydney. Pempek is a leading global supplier of equipment control, telemetry, hydraulic control, and roof bolting solutions for mining applications.

The Pempek product range is an ideal complement to the HBT Group’s longwall systems, room & pillar mining vehicles and roadheaders. The HBT longwall automation and control systems (hardware and software) and the electrical engineering of HBT Automation as well as the drives and motors of HBT group company Breuer Motoren will benefit from Pempek’s know-how.

Since 1985 Pempek has been introducing innovative products designed and manufactured in Australia for electronic control, hydraulic control, and telemetry for mining systems. Pempek designs, manufactures, commissions, services, and supports industrial electronic and hydraulic control, telemetry, analytic, and automation systems with particular expertise in underground mining and construction including explosive and hazardous area applications.

The product range includes software control environments, PLC controls, motor controls, electronic hydraulic controls, remote controls, telemetry systems and human-machine interfaces, automation for roof bolting and flameproof products for applications in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Pempek is a preferred OEM partner for leading Global and Australian, European, and Chinese mining equipment manufacturers. Pempek operates from Australian facilities including Castle Hill, Newcastle, Singleton, and Adelaide. Overseas sales and service operations include USA, China, Brazil, and South Africa.

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