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CST Drive System

CST Drive System


The HBT CST45 M gearbox can be used for driving armored face conveyors or for driving HBT automated plow systems. There are two designs available for most CST drive systems: an in-line gearbox design (the P gearboxes) and an angular gearbox design (the KP gearboxes).

Top Specs

Maximum Output Torque
450 000 Nm (331,858 lb/ft)

Max Input Speed
1,800 rpm

Rated Power P
up to 800 kW (1,305 hp)

A CST gearbox comes in three parts: a supply unit, a first planetary gear stage and an output unit comprising a second planetary gear stage. The KP gearbox also comes in three parts. The supply unit and output unit are the same as the ones from the P gearbox, but the first planetary gear stage is replaced by a bevel helical gearbox unit. The KP gearbox design is available in a left-handed and in a right-handed version. It is also possible to mount the electro-hydraulic controller either inside or outside the supply unit.

The roller bearings of the bevel gear shaft are lubricated by forced lubrication via the built-in oil pump (usually responsible for cooling oil supply to the CST clutch). All other gearings and roller bearings are lubricated by means of splash lubrication.

Reduction ratios of 16:1 and 33:1 are available. The added M in the designation of the gearbox indicates that there is a pump unit with a separate pump motor in the supply unit, which works independently of the gearbox drive motor speed, and therefore ensures that the gearbox is continuously supplied with a constant flow of cooling and lubrication oil.

In contrast to the standard CST45, the electro-hydraulic controller is installed on a drawer and not fixed inside or sideways outside of the supply unit.

Like the CST45, this M version is able to sustain an input power of up to 800 kW/1,088 hp at a mains frequency of 50Hz ( ≈ 1,485 rpm) or 960 kW/1,305 hp at a mains frequency of 60 Hz ( ≈ 1,782 rpm). The permissible output torque is 450,000 Nm (max for 3 seconds). The rated continuous output torque is 170,000 Nm (i=33). The CST45 M gearbox can be used in combination with a HBT variable frequency drive.

Specifications / Technical Data

Maximum Output Torque (for 3 sec)

P-45 M CST450 000 Nm(331,858 lb/ft
Rated Power P
Ratio i[-]
Rated Power P
(n = 1,485 rpm)
Rated Power P
(n = 1,782 rpm)
16800 kW1,305 hp
21800 kW1,305 hp
28800 kW1,305 hp
33800 kW1,305 hp
39700 kW1,142 hp
45540 kW881 hp
50500 kW816 hp


P-45 M CST

1697 mm
1120 mm
1060 mm

66.8 in
44.1 in
41.7 in


P-45 CST
Oil Quantity
Gearbox Weight (without oil)

320 L
7200 kg

85 gal
15,873 lb

Requirements of Cooling Water

Required Cooling Water30 L/min7.90 gal/min
Maximum Water Inlet Temperature25° C/298.15 K77° F/298.15 K

Shaft Design

Input Shaft (cylindrical)DIN 5480-W 120×4DIN 5480-W 120×4
Output Shaft with Internal ToothingDIN 5480-N 260×10×30×24DIN 5480-N 260×10×30×24

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