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CST Drive System

CST Drive System


The HBT CST45 V gearbox is suitable for use as conveyor gearbox installed on drive frames and fitted to their input shafts. There are two designs available for most CST drive systems: an in-line gearbox design (the P gearboxes) and an angular gearbox design (the KP gearboxes).

Top Specs

Maximum Output Torque
450 000 Nm (331,858 lb/ft)

Max. Input Speed
1,800 rpm

Rated Power P
up to 800 kW (1,305 hp)

A CST gearbox comes in three parts: a supply unit, a first planetary gear stage and an output unit comprising a second planetary gear stage. The KP gearbox also comes in three parts. The supply unit and output unit are the same as the ones from the P gearbox, but the first planetary gear stage is replaced by a bevel helical gearbox unit. The KP gearbox design is available in a left-handed and in a right-handed version. It is also possible to mount the electro-hydraulic controller either inside or outside the supply unit.

The roller bearings of the bevel gear shaft are lubricated by forced lubrication via the built-in oil pump (usually responsible for cooling oil supply to the CST clutch). All other gearings and roller bearings are lubricated by means of splash lubrication.

A reduction ratio 33:1 is available. In comparison with the standard CST45 design, the CST45 V gearboxes can endure higher input power.

The permissible input power of the gearbox for the specific ratio of 33:1 is 1050 kW/1,428 hp at a mains frequency of 50 Hz ( ≈ 1,485 rpm) or 1260 kW/1,713 hp at a mains frequency of 60 Hz ( ≈ 1,782 rpm). The permissible output torque is 450,000 Nm (max for 3 seconds). The rated continuous output torque is 220,000 (standard CST45 175,000 Nm).

Specifications / Technical Data

Maximum Output Torque (for 3 sec)

KP-45 V/P-45 V CST450 000 Nm(331,858 lb/ft
Rated Power P
Ratio i[-]
Rated Power P
(n = 1,485 rpm)
Rated Power P
(n = 1,782 rpm)
161050 kW1,713 hp
211050 kW1,713 hp
281050 kW1,713 hp
331050 kW1,713 hp
39820 kW1,338 hp
45710 kW1,158 hp
50650 kW1,061 hp



2875 mm
1401 mm
1060 mm

113.2 in
55.2 in
41.7 in
P-45 CST V

1697 mm
1120 mm
1060 mm

66.8 in
44.1 in
41.7 in


Oil Quantity
Gearbox Weight (without oil)

730 L
9700 kg

193 gal
21,385 lb
P-45 V CST
Oil Quantity
Gearbox Weight (without oil)

430 L
5900 kg

114 gal
13,007 lb

Requirements of Cooling Water

Required Cooling Water25 L/min6.60 gal/min
Maximum Water Inlet Temperature25° C/298.15 K77° F/298.15 K

Shaft Design

Input Shaft (cylindrical)DIN 5480-W 120×4DIN 5480-W 120×4
Output Shaft with Internal ToothingDIN 5480-N 260×10×30×24DIN 5480-N 260×10×30×24

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