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Programmable Mining Control

Programmable Mining Control


In combination with HBT Controlled Start Transmission (CST) drives, the PMC-D controller offers control of AFC drives with unparalleled integration of overall system control. Typically dedicated to a gearbox or drive and mounted close to it, the PMC-D contains all the necessary hardware and tried-and-tested CST control algorithms to control a drive system effectively.

The intrinsically safe PMC-D control is used on shearer or plow faces to provide high level AFC (armed face conveyor) and plow automation. Each Drive unit needs to be equipped with one PMC-D control unit and equivalent I/O to operate the CST drives or UEL gearbox functions.

In such a system a PMC-V provides the Human Machine Interface (HMI) to interfere with the PMC-D controls to operate manual mode, visualize and change parameters and show actual process values. Within a PMC-D system minimum one and typically up to 3 PMC-Vs are in equal operation.

The PMC-D system can control extremely sensitive the speed and torque of highly powered AFC CST drive. Using Profibus network all PMC-Ds and PMC-Vs in a system could exchange process data over long distances with high frequency.

Top Specs

IP 68 rating
(48 hr @ 1 m [3.28 ft] under water

Graphical Monochrome Display
63.5 mm (2.5 in)

(brass bar mounting)


This interactive system allows users to execute single shield and automatic functions, as well as perform remote control operations from anywhere in the mine, including the surface. To provide feedback for the operator on the longwall, important process values are continuously displayed on a full-color display.

High-Speed Data Transmission

The PMC-R 2.0 control unit delivers fast 100M/Bit Ethernet communication, enabling real-time system feedback and data refresh rates for remote control operation.
The low latency connection also means process data values are updated much faster for higher resolution when data logging and reviewing historical trending. An enhanced user experience is provided when viewing 3D VSoftware applications as the data is refreshed at a higher frequency, resulting in a smoother and more accurate representation of the equipment underground.

Advanced Functionalities

The high bandwidth connection enhances machine-to-machine integration, which provides for advanced automation functionality. More complex messages can be exchanged between the equipment, creating holistic integration and interoperability for increased performance and reliability.

Specifications / Technical Data

Electrical Data

ParameterTypical ValueMaximum Ratings
Supply Voltage12V DC9V–13.2V
Power Supply Current1 A1.5 A

Environmental Data

ParameterTypical ValueMaximum Ratings
Temperature (Tamb)20° C (68° F)–20° C – +40° C (–4° F – +104° F)



  • Robust stainless steel design
  • Highly reliable OS37 plug technology for complete gear box control
  • SKK24 hose cables for bus system and additional I/O connection
  • IP 68 rating (48 hr @ 1 m [3.28 ft] under water)
  • HMI with 24 multi feedback keys (pressure point, led light)
  • 63.5 mm (2.5 in) graphical monochrome display
  • Multi language support
  • Maintainability (brass bar mounting)
  • Optional eight (8) additional ports for acceleration sensors (PMC-D20)

Main Features PMC-D Drive Control System

  • “Distributed controller Intelligence per drive”
  • Synchronized heavy load start up
  • Soft start up
  • Load sharing between conveyor drives
  • Overload protection
  • Motor braking feature
  • Further used in plow operations:
    • Precise position detection
    • Overload protection

Additional Features

  • Usage of PMC-D for chain tensioning of AFC (front and rear conveyor) and Beam Stage Loader (BSL)
  • In conjunction with Slacktronik direct BSL chain slack control and relating chain tensioning
  • Usage of PMC-D for high accurate plow position control and monitoring
  • Support VFD controlled drive applications
  • Optional integration of “HEALTH for Longwall Vibration Analysis” function with PMC-D20 control unit:
    • Acceleration sensor interface for 8 sensor
    • Integrated communication for vibration analysis

Global Certifications

  • Europe: ATEX
  • U.S.: MSHA
  • Russia: GOST
  • Australia: IECEx, ANZEx
  • China: MA
  • More certifications on demand

Via a decentralized visualization and control unit at the face and/or the surface Cat MineStar™ capabilities are supported, especially HEALTH
for Longwall.

HEALTH for Longwall Vibration Analysis

  • HEALTH for Longwall Vibration Analysis (former VibraGuard) provides vibration monitoring functionality for longterm health monitoring of the following longwall related equipment:
    • CST gearbox and relating motor
    • UEL gearbox and relating motor
    • Stage loader gearbox and relating motor
    • Crusher and relating motor
    • Shearer haulage and ranging arm gearboxes
    • Water/HFA pump station

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