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Programmable Mining Control

Programmable Mining Control


The PMC-V display shows all data available from the gearboxes. This includes all sensor values, status information, all global and local parameters, network status, etc. The change of parameters is easily possible with the 24-key numerical keypad.

Top Specs

IP 68 rating
(48 hr @ 1 m [3.28 ft] under water

Graphical Monochrome Display
63.5 mm (2.5 in)

(brass bar mounting)

In face conveyor or plow automation systems the HBT PMC-V provides the human machine interface (HMI) to interact with the PMC-D drive controls to operate manual mode, visualize and change parameters and show actual process values. Within a PMC-D system minimum one and typically up to 3 PMC-Vs are in equal operation.

Specifications / Technical Data

Electrical Data

ParameterTypical ValueMaximum Ratings
Supply Voltage12V DC9V–13.2V
Power Supply Current1 A1.5 A

Environmental Data

ParameterTypical ValueMaximum Ratings
Temperature (Tamb)20° C (68° F)–20° C – +40° C (–4° F – +104° F)


  • Human machine interface for configuration and customization of the PMC-D/V family
  • Diagnostic features for whole system
  • Process visualization
  • Change of parameters
  • Communication link to other systems
  • Additional sensor inputs

Main Technical Data

  • 320 × 240 pixel b/w graphics display
  • IP 68
  • Power: 12 W
  • 12 SKK24 sockets for power supply, communication, sensors and actuators
  • Optional additional Profibus communication channel for communication with third party computer

Global Certifications

  • Europe: ATEX
  • U.S.: MSHA
  • Russia: GOST
  • Australia: IECEx, ANZEx
  • China: MA
  • More certifications on demand

Electrical Sockets

Socket Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 4
St1 Optocoupler Anode Relay Contact NO: a Relay Contact NO: b Optocoupler Kathode
St2 +12 V (A) Serial Interface: RxD Serial Interface: TxD GND
St3 +12 V (B) Serial Interface: RxD Serial Interface: TxD GND
St4 +12 V (C) Serial Interface: RxD Serial Interface: TxD GND
St5 Options Options Options Options
St6 Profibus: a (internal) Profibus: b (internal)
St7 +12 V Input Serial Interface: TxD Serial Interface: RxD GND Input
St8 +12 V (B) Measurement Input 1 +8.2 V GND
St9 +12 V (C) Measurement Input 2 +8.2 V GND
St10 +12 V (A) Measurement Input 3 +8.2 V GND
St11 Options Options Options Options
St12 Profibus: a (internal) Profibus: b (internal)


The designations of the options equal the second and third to last characters of the type designation listed on the equipment.

Option Socket Pin 1 Pin 2 Pin 3 Pin 4
** St5
AB St5 Profibus: a (external) Profibus: b (external)
St11 Profibus: a (external) Profibus: b (external)

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